We’re a grass roots family-owned Australian company with a big heart and vision

Team Members

Dean Izzard

Marijke Hartman

Philosophy and Criteria of being a Running Cool Community Team member

Running Cool – the brand behind the horse feed – is targeted towards the everyday horse person who competes or purely owns horses for the sheer love of it.

Our aspiration for our brand is to promote a holistic experience of enjoyment, satisfaction and pride in owning horses, that also complements the wellbeing of the horses through proper feeding of the premium quality nutrition in our products.

Our Community promotional and sponsorship focus will be on organisations that embrace and promote our philosophies, and not those who are the biggest and most successful.

Therefore through our team members, clubs and the community organisations that we associate ourselves with, we hope to encourage and foster our philosophy that everybody counts –regardless of their stature – the horse has optimum health, and that there is a future for the industry through promoting the very ideals of why we started on this journey – enjoyment.

If you believe that you are a shining example of what we are looking for, don’t hesitate to let us know about what your Community organisation stands for and what difference you are making in the horse industry.