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National Horse & Pony Trust

The National Horse & Pony Rescue Trust (NHPRT) is a community of people committed to providing a healing place for horses requiring rehabilitation, new beginnings and growth.

The trust was founded by an inspiring lady called Kylie Kawecki in the Bilambil Valley of Northern NSW in mid 2012.

Their mission is to make a difference in the equine world through rescuing, educational programs and equine facilitated therapy to bring horses and people together.

The NHPRT is a registered charity who survives solely on donations fundraising events and the unwavering support of a band of amazing volunteers who have put their heart and soul into making a difference in the horses life.

Running Cool has been very fortunate in being able to help Kylie and her team at the NHPRT. Their passion and commitment is incredible to witness and is something for all of us to aspire to in our daily lives.

If you could please take the time to view the Facebook page of the National Horse and Pony Rescue Trust to see some of their inspiring work and if possible help them in anyway you can.

Charlie - On Arrival
Charlie - After 6 weeks