We genuinely care about the quality of the ingredients and nutrition in our horse feeds



“My beautiful old boy ‘Harry’ struggled to keep weight on and lacked any energy in the past. Since I changed to Running Cool Senior he is a different horse. He looks magnificent, has plenty of energy and fun about him again and cleans his feed bin out every time.”

Alex Keep

“I love the fact that Running Cool is a family owned and local Queensland manufactured product.”


“I love the Running Cool range. I’ve never come across a better feed for my horses! I went from trying out many different feeds to just being able to feed the one ideal feed!

Running Cool Sport has everything I was searching for: It’s a complete feed that keeps my horses looking great and is non-heating! I struggled to find this in other feeds I have tried in the past so I was super happy to come across the Running Cool range.

My horses have honestly never looked or behaved better! I will happily continue to feed Sport to all of my horses!”

Amy Rankmore

“I love the ease of feeding the Running Cool Leisure. It is so simple. My kids lightly ridden pony over the years has been a fussy eater and I have struggled to keep him in good condition. The first time I fed him Leisure he didn’t take his head out of the feed bin until every last bit was gone and all I did was use a dipper of Leisure and some chaff. He now is waiting for me to feed him and has never looked better.”


Since I began feeding my mare Running Cool Breed – Ezy it has never looked better. Her coat is beautiful and she has so much energy.”

Carl Evans

“I am using Running Cool Breed – Ezy for my Mare and her Weanling. They both are looking terrific on it and I have no problems in recommending it to anybody.”


“My beautiful 24yr old Pinto Bruce has had issues eating any processed extruded or pelleted feeds as his teeth are very worn. I was recently introduced to Running Cool Senior and Bruce took to it like a 3yr old. I simply just wet down his feed prior to feeding time and he has had no problems at all in chewing it and he now has great condition and a beautiful coat.”


“I currently use Running Cool Sport. My horses and some of my client’s horses have been on this feed for about three months now. All horses have had an increase in their condition and a great shine to their coats. The energy levels of the horses are good whilst not becoming fizzy and difficult to manage. The horses are concentrated and focused during daily work. This makes for a happy rider.

To date the Running Cool team, led by Sales manager Peter McKay have been very supportive in ensuring all of my horse’s dietary requirements have been met. I do believe that the Running Cool feeds will be at the forefront of equine nutrition in the near future. This gives me the confidence to get on with my riding and training. I am looking forward engaging with the wider horse community regarding the benefits of the Running Cool product range.

The Running Cool brand is one which I am looking forward to having a long working relationship with.

Most importantly my team of horses love the feed!”

Dean Izzard

“I currently use the Running Cool Sport. My horses and some of my client’s horses have been on this feed for about three months now. All horses have had an increase in their condition and a great shine to their coats. The energy levels of the horses are good whilst not becoming to fizzy and difficult to manage. The horses are concentrated and focused during daily work. This makes for a happy rider.”

Dean Izzard

“Running Cool Barley / Soy Booster is the perfect base feed for adding your own supplements. Nothing else is needed.”

Des Canning

“I use the Running Cool Senior product and since he’s been on this feed his condition has dramatically improved. Another great positive is his coat, it is so shiny and is the best it has ever looked! Thank – You”

Joyce G.

“My experience with the Barley / Soy Booster for all of my horses (variety of ages, sizes and breeds) has been extremely positive.

They have lots of energy and look great. They are up to competition standard under the strict diet of Running Cool products. This feed is easy and simple to work with and has given me NO unwanted behaviours all while still competing at Barrel Racing on a regular basis very successfully.

I recommend this feed and also use the advice from Peter McKay from Running Cool for all my needs in anything that is related to the feeding and care of my horses.
I use NO other feeds except Barley / Soy Booster and I would not change for anything. I just add hay and chaff and minerals as I wish.

Please go and try the feed and see for yourself. Speak with Peter McKay for your horses benefit, I recommend it.”

Katrina Pugsley

“After being recommended Running Cool Breed-Ezy by several friends I decided to give it a go. Wow! My mare has been a fussy eater over the years however I can’t keep her away from this. On top of this, she looks fantastic with her coat displaying a beautiful sheen. I too will be commending this feed.”

Katy Maguire

“My old boy who has been in the family forever, was becoming hard to get condition on as generally he had no interest in his feed bucket. I started feeding him Running Cool Senior and since then he is a changed horse. He is now waiting for me to feed him and doesn’t leave anything.”

Keith M

“I have an ex TB who I use for showjumping which I’ve had a lot of issues with in trying to keep him under control as he is highly excitable. I was sceptical when told to try a bag of the Running Cool Sport as he in the past has had plenty of issues with processed feeds.

I am truly amazed, not only is he a lot quieter and manageable, his conditioning has improved and his coat is the best it’s ever looked. I am going to recommend this to all my friends.”

Les Myles My

“I would like to thank Peter McKay for his wonderful advice the other day at the Burpengary Pony Club day. His knowledge and experience was very helpful and his recommendation of the Running Cool feeds has been a game changer for me.”

Lucy M

“I personally feed the Running Cool Sport and Barley / Soy Booster products.

I love the fact that they let my horses gain a lot of condition without making them hot, especially considering this happens easily with the thoroughbreds that I have. Another positive that I like is that I love its water absorbency which allows a lot of water to be consumed by my horses, which gives me confidence that they are getting enough fluids. A great attribute also of these products is the great shine that it has given my horses, making them look amazing.”

Marijke Hartman

“My horses have never looked better.”


“My 11 year olds horse on Running Cool Leisure is a totally different horse than on other feeds I have fed in the past. It has now a quite and peaceful nature whilst still maintaining its health and appearance.”

Mary K

“I am so impressed with this feed! In all honestly my horses have never looked so good. I have been telling a couple of my horse friends and most of them have converted after seeing my horses glowing coats. Thanks again”


“I have changed over all my breeding mares, weanlings and yearlings to Running Cool Breed – Ezy. The simple and effective feeding plan of this product was a key reason in my change but the conditioning and appearance of my horses has truly sold me on this product. They have simply never looked better.”

Pam McC

“I have been buying the Running Cool Senior product, and my beautiful old mare is just so content and is looking beautiful. She reminds me of my youth when her and I used to ride everywhere on weekends.”

Pat C

“I’ve just started using the Barley / Soy Booster and I have started to see changes within a week of use with all of my horses. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.”

Ricki-Lee Grubb

“Peter McKay recommended that I try Running Cool Leisure at their promotional stand at the Oxenford Pony club Open day. Since buying the product my daughter’s horse has become less stroppy and has blossomed in its coat. The best part of all this is its price. It’s cut my feed bill down dramatically. Thank-You Peter.”


“I have 2 TB’s – one currently competing and the other recovering from an injury. Both of my horses are being fed a combination of Barley Soy and Sport.

Recently Star, 15.1hh TB, competed Preliminary (95cm) at Samford Hunter Trial. She performed amazingly – she has gone from a hot TB to a very controllable horse.

My other horse, DJ, was a Pre-Novice (105cm) eventer. He competed at EFA and Pony Club and was always placing at events. Last year he was involved in a tragic degloving of his hind leg, involving months of rehabilitation and surgery. He is currently having his first ride back. He has progressed with a calm attitude and is very level headed with the help of the cool feeds from Running Cool. He had also lost a lot of weight during his recovery and thanks to Running Cool he was able to pick the weight up again.

I would just like to say thank-you for your great feeds that have allowed my horses to excel!!”

Shannon Knight

“The Running Cool Barley Soy / Booster is such a great product. It has a simple premise, based on Barley and Full Fat Soyameal it covers most of your horses needs and if you need to, just add some of your favourite supplements. Cheap, Easy and my horses look great.”

Terry George

“I have now been using Running Cool Breed – Ezy for about 6 months and my Mare and her beautiful little foal are doing so well. I in the past have had issues trying to keep weight on my mare after pregnancy however she is looking magnificent.”

Trish L.