Why Choose a Fully Extruded Horse Feed

The extrusion process, which we use at Running Cool, increases the digestibility of grain more than any other method of processing. By choosing an extruded horse feed, your horse receives increased vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids in their diet. But, there are even more benefits to choosing a fully extruded horse feed, like Running Cool. Here’s six reasons to choose Running Cool…

1. Improved starch digestibility 
During the extrusion process, heat and pressure cause the starch granules to be gelatinised. Gelatinisation has far-reaching benefits for your horse. Most
important, it reduces the potential for digestive upsets, like laminitis and acidosis, as starch is easily digested in the small intestine.
2. Improved protein digestibility

Protein is a vital ingredient in your horse’s diet as it aids repair, recovery and rebuilding of muscles and tissues. The extrusion the process helps to
improve the protease enzymes in your horse’s body to more efficiently digest and use the quality protein available.

3. Extruded feeds are highly palatable

Many horses love the smell and feel of extruded horse feed. The steam extrusion process gives the feed a sweet, nutty, cooked aroma, while improving the
digestibility of the feed’s nutrients. This is ideal for young, growing horses and older horses where digestive efficiency may be lower.
4. Extruded feeds are dust-free

Ideal for horses that are sensitive to respiratory conditions, the steam extrusion process reduces the presence of dust. In addition, the high temperatures
drastically reduce the potential for harmful bacteria, such as salmonella, leaving each mouthful consistent, balanced and nutritious.
5. Extruded feeds are softer and reduce teeth wear

Steam extrusion helps to soften the horse feed, which supports tooth condition and reduces teeth wear. However, all horses should receive a dental examination
at least once annually. Senior horses or those with poor dentition may require twice yearly check-ups.
6. Extruded feeds take longer to eat

Finally, extruded feeds, like Running Cool, have a lower bulk density than conventional feeds, such as pellets and sweet feeds. This produces more saliva
while eating, which reduces the potential for digestive upsets, like colic and ulcers, and the potential for choking.
At Running Cool, we genuinely care about your horse’s health and wellbeing. Our superior horse feed range supports your horse at every stage of life with well-balanced vitamins, minerals and protein for pleasure and performance.
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