Running Cool: Choosing the Right Feed for Your Horse

At Running Cool, we genuinely care about your horse’s health and wellbeing. We’ve created a range of superior horse feeds that are suitable for every horse, including pleasure, performance and breeding. Let us help you choose the right feed for yours…  Running Cool Barley/Soy Booster Does your horse need to gain weight? Choose Running Cool Barley/Soy Booster – the first choice horse feed for condition. Running Cool Barley/Soy Booster is our best-selling horse feed, most often utilised for safely and successfully achieving weight gain. Containing barley, vegetable protein meal, including fully extruded full fat soyabean meal, legume hulls, vegetable oil,…
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How to Store Bagged Horse Feed

Feeding spoiled horse feed can have devastating consequences. In this article, we share some useful tips for safe feed storage to ensure your horse receives the full benefits from fresh commercial horse feeds. 1. Keep horse feed out of the elements To ensure bagged horse feed remains fresh, safe and nutritious, store all horse feed in a shed, tack room or enclosed storage area, out of reach of horses and protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures and damp conditions. It’s also best to keep bagged horse feed off the ground. Using pallets or pest-proof containers, your horse feed will remain…
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