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Feeding Horses for Coat Health

Cameron Jensen - Friday, September 30, 2016

A full, shiny coat not only signifies health and vitality, but it can help your horse stand out in the competition arena this show season. With a few simple daily steps, you can bring out the best in your horse’s coat.

Many of us know that nutrition plays a huge part in the health of our horses’ skin, coat and hooves. If you’re looking to support your horse’s health and give their coat that added shine, follow these five steps to a healthier, shinier coat.

1. Select high quality forage

Lucerne and other legume forages are rich in protein, helping your horse’s coat find its natural shine. When selecting hay for your horse, take into consideration their body condition and any conditions exacerbated by incorrect nutrition to ensure they’re eating the most suitable variety.

2. Remove sugars, add fats

Ensure your horse is receiving calories in the form of fats, not sugars. Quality commercial feeds, like the Running Cool range, contain high-fat ingredients, like canola oil and full fat soyabean meal, which are shown to improve coat quality and provide your horse with important health benefits.

Be careful not to over-estimate your horse’s ration and add unnecessary fat. Quality commercial horse feeds, like Running Cool, formulate the inclusion rates in each feed product to give your horse total nutritional balance for better health.

3. Feed a well-balanced diet

A healthy, shiny coat is a positive by-product of a healthy horse, supported by a well-balanced diet. When selecting a commercial feed for your horse, choose one that supports your horse’s needs in regards to activity levels and breeding. The Running Cool range is nutritionally balanced and provides the required amounts of protein and fats for any discipline and breed of horse.

4. Manage biting insects

Allergic reactions from biting insects can damage your horse’s coat with persistent scratching and rubbing. Rug your horse during the warmer months to shield them from insect bites and during rainy weather to protect from rain scald.

5. De-worm regularly

Finally, a regular de-worming program, developed in consultation with your veterinarian, will also protect them from debilitating health problems and a lacklustre coat. You should also groom daily to promote skin and hair health, and look for lumps, bumps and injuries. 

At Running Cool, we genuinely care about your horse’s health and wellbeing. Our superior horse feed range supports your horse at every stage of life with well-balanced vitamins, minerals and protein for pleasure and performance. Click here to learn more.