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5 Health Problems Your Horse’s Coat Shows

Cameron Jensen - Monday, December 05, 2016

If your horse’s coat could talk, it would be able to tell you about some important health issues. Your horse’s coat health is directly influenced by their overall health and diet. In this article, we outline five common health issues indicated by poor coat health. 

1. Parasites

Any horse burdened by internal or external parasites will have a rough, dull coat. Internal parasites, like worms, compete for nutrients from your horse’s diet, depleting skin and coat health. Biting insects often leave scabs or blisters on the skin, leading to irritation and poor coat condition.

2. Fungal infections

While shedding is normal from Winter to Spring, large amounts of matting or clumping while shedding often signifies a fungal infection. One of the most common is rain scald, or rain rot, which appears in small crust-like scabs under your horse’s coat.

3. Sun and sweat exposure

Over-exposure to sun and sweat can also affect coat health, leaving it dull, irritated and overly sensitive. Sunburn, particularly in white and grey horses, is common if not avoided. Redness, peeling and severe skin damage all affect coat appearance.

4. Glandular problems

Underlying glandular issues can also affect your horse’s coat health. Excessive growth, coupled with coarse hair, may indicate cushing's disease. A healthy horse will have a smooth, glossy coat, while an unhealthy horse’s coat will often be dull and brittle.

5. Poor nutrition

Finally, a nutritionally balanced diet, with adequate vitamins, minerals and protein, will improve your horse’s coat and hoof health. Protein is one of the most important ingredients in the diet. The building block of tissue, its inclusion in horse feeds, like Running Cool, promotes re-building.

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