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3 Tips for Feeding Your Horse During Summer

Cameron Jensen - Monday, November 28, 2016

During the Summer months, your horse’s workload may increase as you spend more time hacking, schooling or competing. As a result, their condition can change as well. In this article, we share three important tips for feeding your horse during Summer.

1. Adjust diet for loss of condition

In Summer, the warmer weather and longer days make it inviting to spend more time in the saddle, but it’s not only a higher workload that can lead to loss of condition. The quality of your horse’s pasture can also be affected, so additional vitamins and minerals are necessary.

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2. Monitor your horse’s water intake

It might surprise you, but water is often a forgotten element in the horse’s diet. Checking your horse’s water supply should be part of your daily routine, especially during Summer, to prevent the onset of health problems caused by dehydration.

Water should be offered to your horse before and after exercise. If you are away competing, your horse may refuse to drink foreign water. Adding some sweetener or making up a soaked feed can help to avoid dehydration. For more tips on keeping your horse hydrated, click here.

3. Provide your horse with salt

Finally, salt is an important part of every horse’s diet, not only those in moderate to high intensity work. There are a number of health problems associated with sodium deficiency, so you can offer salt to your horse in one of two ways.

Adding 25g of salt to your horse’s daily feed is perhaps the easiest way to add salt to the diet. Providing free access with a salt block is another alternative. Remember, electrolytes are still imperative after significant sweat loss to replenish sodium, chloride, magnesium and potassium.

Any excess salt with be excreted in the urine, as long as your horse has unlimited access to fresh, clean drinking water.

At Running Cool, we genuinely care about your horse’s health and wellbeing. Our superior horse feed range supports your horse at every stage of life with well-balanced vitamins, minerals and protein for pleasure and performance. Click here to learn more.