10 Ways to Protect Your Horse From Laminitis This Spring

The arrival of Spring often strikes fear in the hearts of horse owners — and for good reason. A diagnosis of laminitis is devastating. Often, by the time a diagnosis is made, the hoof disease has already taken hold and management becomes a lifelong task.  With the arrival of Spring just weeks away, we turn our attention to those horses most at risk. There’s much you can do this season to protect them. We share our top 10 tips. Tip 1: Restrict high-energy Concentrate Your horse’s diet should be designed specifically for their workload. Avoid overloading them with excess commercial…
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How to Safely Transition Your Horse to Spring Pasture

As Winter becomes Spring, the transition to Spring pasture must be managed with care. A gradual approach not only protects the health of your horses, but also promotes the health of your pastures — saving you energy, time and money.  Healthy horses Your horse’s digestive system is designed to process fibre, including hay and pasture. However, there are vast differences between these two fibrous feed sources, including moisture content. While hay is comprised of approximately 15% moisture, pasture usually holds 85% moisture. Being a hindgut fermenting herbivore, rapid changes from hay to pasture can wreak havoc on microbial populations in…
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From Winter to Spring: 4 Tips for Feeding Your Horse

As Winter becomes Spring, new nutrition challenges arise. But, with some forethought and planning this month, you can protect your horse’s health. In this article, we share four important tips when feeding your horse from Winter to Spring. Tip 1: Manage pasture intake The arrival of Spring is a particular concern for the insulin-resistant or laminitic horse, as grass growth is dramatically higher in fructans and water-soluble carbohydrates. However, even if your horse doesn’t require a dry lot or grazing muzzle, there are steps every horse owner should take. For horses without access to pasture during Winter, the transition to…
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