We promise to only source superior quality premium ingredients to ensure the highest nutrition possible


Premium quality, superior ingredients

Not all Horse feeds are the same. Running Cool is a cut above.

High quality ingredients and a more sophisticated manufacturing process results in higher nutritional benefits for your animal.

Our Running Cool Premium Horse feed range has been nutritionally formulated for optimum performance and animal wellbeing, using the finest, all-natural raw ingredients sourced from the local Darling Downs and beyond.

Every bag of horse feed is manufactured in our non-medicated mill following strict quality control processes to ensure all impurities are removed.

Only the best

All of the raw materials that enter our manufacturing plant are subject to strict quality control assessments – if they don’t meet our stringent parameters then they will be rejected instantly.  Because of this, our ingredient suppliers have come to respect our exacting expectations and only deliver the highest grade ingredients for our products.

To further enhance the quality of our Running Cool Premium Horse feed range, we use cutting edge technologies to manufacture and along with our quality control, we ensure that you receive the same superior quality horse feed time and time again.

For more information about Running Cool Premium Horse Feeds, please call 07 4666 3366 or CLICK HERE to find your local Running Cool stockist.