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Benefits of the Extrusion Process

Digestibility of Grains

Digestibility %

As per the Graph above the digestibility of the grain is extremely higher than any other method of processing. By extruding, the horse receives far reaching benefits of increased vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids absorption.

Improved Starch Digestibility

The heat and pressure involved in the extrusion process causes the starch granules in the feed to be gelatinised (a process by which the starch granule is expanded and exploded). Gelatinisation of the starch has great benefits for your horse as it makes it easier for your horses to digest the starch in the small intestine reducing the potential for digestive upsets such as laminitis and acidosis occurring from undigested starch fermenting in the large intestine.

Improved Protein Digestibility

The extrusion process helps improve the ability of the protease enzymes in the horse to more efficiently digest the protein thus improving protein digestibility. This means that your horse is efficiently using the protein contained in the extruded feed.

Extruded Feeds are very palatable

The Steam Extrusion process used to produce horse feeds gives them a sweet, nutty cooked aroma. Horses love the smell and the feed tastes great as well. Extruded Feeds are great for horses with reduced digestive ability. The improved digestibility of nutrients in Steam extruded feeds makes them ideal for young growing horses and older horses where digestive efficiency may be lower than adult horses.

Extruded feeds are dust free

The Steam Extrusion process is great for producing dust free feed. Each and every mouthful is the same resulting in consistent and balanced nutrition. Extruded feeds are cooked at temperatures that reduce the potential for harmful bacteria in feed. The extrusion process helps eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria that could occur in the feed such as salmonella making them extremely safe to use.

Extruded feeds are softer and result in reduced teeth wear

Feeds produced by the Steam Extrusion process tend to be a bit softer than other forms of feed. This means that by feeding you horse extruded feeds you are helping maintain their teeth in good condition for longer and they tend to wear at a slower rate.

Extruded feeds tend to take longer to eat

Extruded feeds tend to have a lower bulk density than conventional feeds such as pellets and sweet feeds. This lower bulk density means that your horse produces lots of saliva when eating. This saliva contains bicarbonate that buffers the digestive system and helps reduce the potential for digestive upsets such as colic and ulcers. The slower eating time also reduces the potential for choking.